17 January 2011: Say it with rubber

Shown here approximately life-size are the custom rubber stamps I made as x-mas presents for some of my very best pals. It took some work to achieve this most pleasing result. First I formulated the most suitable imaginary nickname for each pal. The next step was to lovingly design them each into a one-inch square of appropriate typography, a mix of machine- and hand-made. Then I took the designs to Casey Rubber Stamps, one of my most favorite places in the universe, and two days later I had the stamps in my hands. I actually jumped up and down at how well they came out. I then picked out some corresponding ink pads while listening to Mr. Casey and his intern squabble about the necessity of the most miscellaneous objects collecting dust in his tiny store, paid for my goods, and was on my way.

Last week the names you see above and I convened at a fancy restaurant on a snowy evening and I finally got to hand out the stamps. They were a success all around! It filled me with happiness. Our waiter let me have a blank guest check so I could gather all the marks in their assigned colors to take home with me (and post on my blob). In the meantime I hope all their owners have been stamping everything in sight!


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